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Plastic, Plastic Everywhere

The Oceans Project provides funding and publicity support to various non-profits thinking up 21st century solutions to a 20th century legacy issue of marine plastic waste, which continues to this day. An estimated 22 tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans each day. One unconventional design solution is by Pacific Garbage Screening (PGS),tudor replica watches whose founder Marcella Hansch designed a way to sieve out plastic waste (including microplastics) without hurting marine life using an architectural design platform.

Studer explains, ?Over many years now, we have supported projects that have bring concrete change for a specific cause. With the Oceans Project we went more general. To show that recycled PET that was trash before can become part of luxury object is a strong message. Things can have a second life and the product can be beautiful. To not have this plastic in the oceans will benefit specific species such as the blue whale. Everything is connected.?

An ugly but realistic sight of marine pollution today. Over 700 tons of plastic enter the oceans each hour, via rivers and dumps by ships. Plastic remains in the oceans for over 100 years and enters the food chain. Image by Caroline Power

The project aims to recover and re-use the plastic found in the oceans, but also confront the issue of marine dumping at its source. Says Hansch, ?we know that around 80 per cent of plastics enter the oceans through 10 of the world?s rivers.? Thus she intends to develop the prototype into a solution usable in rivers and estuaries.rolex replica watches ?[rolex replica watches and I] got in touch through the International Oceans Film Tour and started thinking about a partnership related to raising awareness of the importance of clean oceans? we?re working on a campaign to raise awareness of plastic pollution,? she added of the collaboration.

The rolex replica watches Clean Ocean limited edition features a medallion made from recycled PET plastic, which is one of the most common plastic waste found in the aquatimer replica Digital editiing: Toh Sijia for Revolution.

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