omega replica watches is Fighting for Ocean Conservation

omega replica watches

The partnership led omega replica watches to introduce a special edition, called the Clean Oceans Limited Edition. Based on the Aquis, the watch is fitted with a plastic medallion on the caseback made from recycled PET plastic, which is most commonly seen in plastic bottles. (Newsflash: PET plastic is in fact rarely accepted at recyclers, and so is often not properly recycled. So rethink your plastic bottle drinking habits.)

Pacific Garbage Screening aims to develop a platform that sieves out plastics and microplastics from the oceans and rivers that feed them. Image courtesy of Pacific Garbage Screening.

Why Ocean Conservation Matters to omega replica watches

While the watch is a beautiful and well-priced buy,omega replica watches it’s not what drives omega replica watches’ focus on ocean conservation. Says Studer, “The [watch] is a symbol of our commitment to ridding the world’s oceans of plastic. omega replica watches continues to work with agencies for positive change… we believe that together, we can make a difference.

“At omega replica watches, we do things based on three pillars: we support projects that have a direct impact on marine life and protection. Then, we want to raise awareness for change for the better. This is where I think we have the biggest leverage. The luxury goods consumer, our customer, is the one who can make a difference as he has the means to use in a more or less harmful way.

omega replica watches' headquarters at Holstein has eliminated single use plastics for its staff and consumption, practicing what its preaches.

“When we replace the plastic that we use in our boxes by 30% algae, the immediate impact is not huge but it shows what is possible. If it makes people think about their own lifestyles and makes them adjust their own behaviour, then we have helped to make a difference.

“Third, we change things here in Hölstein. We have banned plastic at the factory. No more plastic cups, no more plastic bottles. We have given each employee a re-fillable bottle so everyone can drink tap water. In a country like Switzerland it really makes no sense to bottle water and then use energy to transport it. It’s small steps, but they are concrete and they add up.”

Hansch adds, “we are all involved in the problem as consumers,Fake wahtches and so we should all be responsible for solving the problem. Everybody can and has to reduce the amount of plastic they consume every day!” A fitting reminder on World Oceans Day.

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