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The world has become more comfortable because of our love and need for consumption. However, this has also led to a lot of trash on the planet that will continue to scare us in the worst ways. For all their beauty and grandeur,iwc aquatimer replica the oceans are slowly becoming littered with trash. According to Greenpeace plastic waste is being dumped in our oceans at a rate that exceeds one truckload per minute. This amounts to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic that finds its own way into the food chain, all the while still looking beautiful.

Trash on the ocean's surface (Image by Caroline Power)

Plastic is the worst and most expensive wonder material. It can be used to choke turtles and fish, as well as zooplankton, and whales that depend on it. We have two options: either we go cold turkey on plastic or find a way to recycle it. We may one day be able send trawlers to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (a floating area of trash that lies in the middle the ocean, larger than Texas; read our interview with Mike Horn here), and collect all the garbage.

iwc aquatimer replica continues to make a great effort in this direction until that day arrives.rolex submariner replica iwc aquatimer replica, like many other watchmaking companies, is spreading the message via sponsorships and limited-edition pieces in its collections. It is also using recycled plastic in its Ocean Trilogy Limited Edition Collection.

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The iwc aquatimer replica Aquis Diver's Watch was the inspiration for the first two watches of the Trilogy. They were revealed at Baselworld this year as the Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III and the Clean Ocean Limited Edition. The first watch was made in partnership by Reef Restoration Foundation, which supports reef planting programs.rolex replica watches The second was made in partnership to Pacific Garbage Screening, which is developing a concept that captures plastic waste from rivers and estuaries and turns it into energy.

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